Requirement V
1 Use Microsoft Word program.
2 Letter of submission
3 Copyright transfer letter
4 Title page
Title of article
Full name(s), academic degrees, and affiliations of author(s)
Name, address, and business and home telephone and fax numbers of author to whom correspondence should be sent
Reprint request line
5 Abstract (double-spaced, 250 words in maximum)
6 Key Word (3-5 words)
7 Article proper (double-spaced)
8 Acknowledgment
9 Key Words (3-5 words)
10 References (double-spaced) on a separate page
11 Figure Legends (double-spaced) on a separate page
12 Tables (double-spaced) on a separate page
13 Figures, properly formatted
14 Photos and illustrations
15 Informed consent to publish recognizable likenesses
16 Statement of humane animal care
17 Articles